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Wanna get laid? Wear one of these new Foxy Lemon shirts or tanks! Shirts come in men's and women's.

Black & White 'Foxy Lemon' pin-up logo printed on white American Apparel-quality shirts. Wear this with caution, you will become 200% Foxier to all people, everywhere.


What if I don't wanna get laid?
-Too bad, you're getting laid.

But, like, I don't really want to..
-Fine, we were just joking anyways, they will probably have no effect on your sex life.

How long will it take to ship?
-1 to 2 weeks.

Who made that exceptional design?
-The one and only Keishi Ihara.

Should I wear this at all times?

ships out within 2 days

 $12 USD or more



Foxy Lemon Portland, Oregon

Foxy Lemon is on a mission to prove that rock 'n roll is alive and well in Portland, Oregon. After making some noise with a successful West Coast tour and playing relentlessly in their first year as a band, they have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the premier rock acts in their home city and throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you like guitar solos, look no further friend. ... more

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